Exercise for older adults – turning household jobs into a workout
Written by: Liz
Category: General Health
Published on: January 18, 2022


As an older adult, incorporating age appropriate workouts in daily life can be viewed as difficult or perhaps as a chore. However all chores eventually need to be done. With that said, daily household chores and tasks can be used in combat to achieve an idealistic target of exercise and movement.

Experts say housework tasks that are specified can be effective and classified as a workout. Household jobs are deemed as great exercise for seniors.

Benefits physically and emotionally are proven in studies of seniors who move their body, get active and gain fitness while completing physically demanding household tasks.

Here is a list of tasks as inspiration to enable motivation and the feeling of accomplishment.


Fruit and Veggie patches, planting seasonal flowers or taking a stroll at a community garden/botanical garden, are all excellent forms of exercise.

Washing your car.

Washing the car at the carwash or in the driveway, enables you to get outside and get some VitD. Use the hose, soapy water and brush, while having summer fun with the grandkids.


This particular household chore always helps to work up a sweat.. at least for me anyway! This is a great workout for the upper and lower body. Also have a go at some sweeping indoors and outdoors, or washing/waxing the floors.


Changing sheets, collecting or picking up dirty laundry, carrying, hanging and folding towels keeps your body moving while decluttering space around you.

However precautions may be necessary to not strain yourself as this can result in injury. Modify and tailor workouts to what is suitable and attainable for you. Introduce and explore other hobbies and tasks to incorporate in your schedule that prompt you to a workout.


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