Movement through exercise is beneficial for individuals aged 60+ as it keeps them socialised, strong and mobile allowing them to complete everyday tasks as well as maintain and improve their balance and quality of life. Exercise can help manage and even postpone some of the chronic conditions that come with older age such as decrease cholesterol levels, improve heart function and increase bone health.


Initial assessments for Active Seniors are conducted prior to joining our group classes or one on one exercise sessions with our Exercise Physiologists. Your full medical and injury history will be taken in your first session, where we will explore your goals and assess how your body performs during specific tests. Based on the outcomes of your assessment and medical history, a tailored individualised program will be developed to help you achieve your goals towards better health and well-being. 


We assist with:

  • Building overall body strength to assist with everyday tasks
  • Falls prevention
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis

Please contact your local GP to see if you are eligible to receive an EPC/CDM plan – 5 sessions rebate through Medicare.