At Revitalize Exercise Physiology + Pilates our sessions are run by an accredited Pilates Instructor who has extensive training in the Pilates method. Our Principle Pilates Instructor also works closely with Clinical Pilates Diploma graduates whom complete their placement hours at Revitalize before running clinical pilates sessions.

There will be a mixture of traditional Clinical Pilates based exercises using equipment such as mat, reformer, trapeze table and wunda chair and general exercises completed on a variety of other equipment to increase challenge, offer support and allow for motivating and stimulating sessions.

Initial assessments for Clinical Pilates are conducted prior to joining our group classes or prior to commencing one on one Clinical Pilates sessions. Your exercise physiologist will take a medical and injury history, explore goals and assess how your body performs specific movements. Based on the outcomes of your assessment and medical history, a tailored individualised program will be developed to help you achieve your goals towards better health and well-being.

Clinical Pilates sessions can be claimed on private health insurance as these classes are run by an Exercise Physiologist.