Excess weight, in particular around the waistline, puts you at risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, type II diabetes, joint problems, and some cancers. Starting an exercise routine can be an intimidating process if you are carrying excess weight and we must stress that WE ARE NOT A GYM.  At Revitalize Exercise Physiology + Pilates we pride ourselves on our non-judgemental practice and our exercise physiologist will prescribe you a suitable exercise program which will get you moving in the right direction and let you progress at your own pace, keeping things enjoyable to ensure you will achieve your personal goals.

You will need to book an initial assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists who will take a medical and injury history, explore goals and assess how your body performs specific movements. Based on the outcomes of your assessment and medical history, a tailored individualised program will be developed to help you achieve your goals towards better health and well-being. We suggest that you see your EP privately or alternatively you can join one of our group sessions.

We can also consult with your GP and/or Dietitian for a coordinated and supportive approach.