Allcare Spikey Massage Ball


The spikey ball can be used for deep tissue release, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. It can be used to release any tight muscle groups by applying direct pressure through those areas. We recommend using the ball up against the wall for maximum benefit.

Trigger Point Ball


Do we love these! The trigger point ball is an effective massage tool that can be used to relieve tension and tight muscles. Its great for targeting hard to reach trigger points and can be used for every muscle group. These balls can be used on the wall and floor.

Size: 61.4mm



These unique socks have been specially designed with an extra stretch top elastane band specifically for individuals with oedema (swelling) issues in the ankles and legs, as well as those with larger legs in general. Our clients love to wear them during their pilates classes for non-slip purposes. 

Resistance Band


TheraBand Resistance Exercise Bands are best used before working out; for preventative stretches that ‘prime’ muscles for strenuous exercises. These resistance bands are ideal for providing just the right amount of force for any muscle or muscle group. Highest quality natural rubber latex resistance bands are colour coded for progressive resistance training.


Strength: Medium
Size: 1.5m long

Foam Roller 90cm


Our foam rollers are commercial grade, 90cm long cylinder (14cm diameter), blue with a lightly grooved surface. A great self-massaging tool, this therapy roller also helps promote muscle relaxation after exercising. There is also a heap of exercises you can add to your everyday routine that will challenge your stability and increase your flexibility.