5 Exercise Tips For Mums Who Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise
Written by: Liz
Published on: February 21, 2022

Being a Mother is a full time job. Trying to fit in personal appointments, jobs, outings and get togethers or perhaps time with your partner can prove to be difficult, even on a well organised day. However it is not only important for you and your health as it is for your family to keep fit and active. The first thing to be ignored by most mothers is their own health and wellbeing, so here are 5 tips for busy mums to use and help to get exercising. 

  1. Create a plan/timetable and decide on the 30-60 minutes to be used to get active. Being organised and having a written schedule allows you to plan and visualise your day in order to delicate some needed ‘me’ time. Doing something beneficial for your mind and health helps you relax and reset. Eg. prioritise your exercise at 6.30 before the kids wake up and do yoga in the living room, or walk on the treadmill. 

  2. In relation to the first tip, it is important to not stress and become overwhelmed if plans change. Although organisation is proven useful, routines change, and if you can not complete your exercise when scheduled or you’re needing to skip a day, disregard feelings of failure and self doubt, just reset and try the next day.  When you do complete your goals of the day, acknowledge and congratulate yourself, this encourages a good change in habits. 

  3. Don’t overthink your daily exercise as a huge cardio for bulking session, choose activities that you enjoy and inlign with your goals. Anything that gets your heart and blood pumping. It could be a Hiit workout on youtube or something as simple as a 30 minute run or inclined walk. Evidence shows if you prefrome high intensity interval training you can exercise for less time. Know personal limits and fitness lengths. Talk to your gp for any questions relating to health or birth concerns.

  4. If it’s hard to find time for yourself before or after work, or the little ones aren’t at school yet, be sure to include them in your exercise. Getting creative, and being outdoors is beneficial. Set up a rug with toys and snacks outside for your little ones while you do circuit training. This could include skipping, burpees, sprints, lunges, squats and sit ups. Try and include 3 sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise. Running around, playing games and dancing with your toddler is all great physical exercise. It demonstrates the importance to your child of an active fun lifestyle.

  5. Use technologies such as zoom, fitness watches/trackers youtube and facetime to complete workouts with a friend. These helpful tools allow you to encourage and support each other. Exercising with a mum in the same position as you helps both of you stay on track and commit to your active routine. Meet up in a park, go on a walk after school drop off, join a class together or zoom in on a workout in your living room. Fitness watches help track your steps and movement and time your daily workouts, all helpful to reaching fitness goals.



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