During Pregnancy: A Guide for the Everyday Mum


Congratulations on your pregnancy, Mumma! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, this is a time of celebration and joy. It may also be a time of fear, anxiety and doubt. We know there is so much to think about and while all of these things are important, you also need to take the time to care for your body and mind. You are growing a human inside you and you need to create an environment for your baby that will ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy and the best possible start to life for your baby. Throughout this e- book we will talk, openly and honestly, about a number of topics relating to pregnancy including:

  1. Importance of exercising in pregnancy – with supporting evidence
  2. Changes to a pregnant woman’s body: physiological, hormonal, psychological and musculoskeletal
  3. Contraindications to exercise in pregnancy and 
  4. Exercise in pregnancy:


We will also provide you with a number of quality resources that you can use throughout your pregnancy. So, relax with a cuppa, put those feet up (hopefully they’re not swollen feet!), and have a read. We hope you find this e book informative and helpful and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions about any of the topics we discuss.


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