How to move again after an Injury
Written by: Liz
Published on: February 14, 2022

Rebuilding strength and tolerance in physical activity after an injury can be daunting. No matter the injury, there are always rehabilitation methods to be used to gain back optimal health and fitness.

Making a complete recovery takes time, gradual progression and professional help.

After an injury or surgery, pain, swelling and discomfort are mostly common. Incorporating exercise in your recovery at this time may not be suitable as you need to rest and protect the injury. This means minimising further damage and letting the body begin the healing process. Depending on the injury and recommendations useful aids include, heat packs, ice packs, slings/tapes and anti-inflammation or pain medication.

Joint mobilisation training as prescribed by your physiotherapist is an important part of your rehabilitation to recover your range of motion. If you happen to stretch too far or move your body for too long it can reverse the healing process and make your condition worse. Flexibility exercises can allow you to gain a greater motion range and better body function.

Muscle weakness and lack of endurance will become noticeable when trying to regain fitness following an injury. Aim to perform exercises that minimise aggravation to the specific injury. Maintain proper form as well as proper technique. Poor technique can result in another injury or worsen the existing one. Enable strength by moving your body in local, regional and central muscles groups.

It is important to seek advice, guidance and active treatment plans from your Exercise Physiologist. Thus take into account your lifestyle, goals, habits and contributing factors.

Keep positive and keep active. 


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