Some children experience a lack of confidence and self-esteem when it comes to sports and activities. They may be less inclined to engage in sports because they may feel like they aren’t capable, or they may be excluded.

It has been shown that the only way to have children become more confident with, and engage in physical activity is to have them involved in an activity or program they enjoy, with peers, family and friends. By improving their physical capacities, such as their strength and heart health, it will assist their participation, daily independence and ENJOYMENT!

We strongly welcome all children, regardless of age and ability to our clinic for services, whether it be for one of our group sessions, or a private session, or even a home visit to help your little kiddies remain or get active!

We work with children who have: 

– Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  

– Juvenile Arthritis

– Autism 

– Cerebral Palsy 

– Developmental delays 

– Diabetes, or obesity

– Strength, Balance & Flexibility deficits 

– Postural issues 

– Mental health concerns 

– Lower limb concerns or injuries (ie Knocked-knees, Toe walking, Ankle sprains etc) 

– Wanted to improve their sporting or dancing performance 

– Wanted to prevent injuries 

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