– Are your children with a disability sometimes excluded from activities they enjoy? 

– Do they lack opportunities to participate in some activities. 

– Do they find themselves in uncomfortable positions due to their disability?

Research has shown that children living with a disability experience heightened feelings of deflatedness, hopelessness and ostracized (excluded from activities). With studies showing a huge 72% of children living with a disability feel socially isolated.

Therefore, we’ve developed a program specifically for children living with a disability to enhance their confidence, help reduce those barriers, keep them active and having fun. 


The program involves:

– Children living with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, any physical or intellectual disability*

– Children aged between 7-13 years

– Ongoing sessions involving fun activities and preparation for gross motor skills in some common sports

– No out of pocket expense for the first 2 sessions

– Can be funded via NDIS

To enrol in the program, click here, read the consent policy and fill out the form.

Important: * Child must be able to weight bear.

Please click here to download our ndis referral form 

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