Do you find it hard to keep your kids active? 

– Keeping them off their technology a bit hard? 

– Do they want to become better at their sport? 


Pilates is a great opportunity for all children to be involved in a group environment, these sessions are guided by one of our very own Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Pilates focuses on improving the child’s overall development, from their physical, cognitive, social, emotional, to sensory, and even their language. Throughout the classes, children will work on global strengthening – with a main target of the trunk. The trunk, or stomach muscles, play a vital part in the child’s life. It assists with balance, sitting upright and sporting performances.


If your child has a weak trunk, they will be unable to sit still – making it difficult for them to concentrate at school or home, meaning they may then lack in other developmental areas, such as cognition and have greater emotions.

How on earth can pilates help with language? 

Think of it this way, some children express themselves via movement rather than speaking. The classes involve children discussing their names, something they enjoy, Pilates requires motor coordination, the children will follow instructions and process information; which assists sequential tasks, and the linking or association of words. Several Speech therapists also suggest that a weak trunk may contribute to deficits in communication and effective language. 


Why would pilates be better for strength exercises for kids? 

As you would know, parents are sometimes sceptical about children lifting weights. The great thing about Pilates, as Paediatricians have also said, is that it not only helps with weight loss but also improves strength and keeps the children active, in something that doesn’t involve a ball or require the child to be within a team if they don’t’ feel comfortable. 


 The classes involve:

– Children aged 4+ years 

– Children of any ability or health condition * 

– Ongoing group sessions on a Thursday after school (4pm)

– No out of pocket expense for the first class

– Can be covered by Private Health Insurance, NDIS 

– A huge range of fun pilates exercises; incorporating balance, coordination, 

Important: * Health pre-screening is required for the suitability of the Pilates program

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