Expectant Mothers: It is quite common for pregnant women to shy away from exercise, fearing that somehow this would harm the baby. On the contrary, structured exercise has been shown to be beneficial during pregnancy to prepare the body for the birthing process.

We will help make you feel good and to maintain a good level of fitness throughout your pregnancy and minimise recovery time after giving birth. Our Exercise Physiologists has extensive knowledge in exercise prescription for expectant mothers both from personal experience and professionally, having helped numerous expectant mothers prepare for the main event!


Important: You can maintain sessions with our Exercise Physiologists for as long as you feel comfortable. Most of our clients are comfortable exercising up to 38 weeks of pregnancy.


New Mothers: Being a new mum, it is hard to find the time to get your shape back and to look after yourself, but remember, a healthy mum equates to a healthy and happy baby! The Clinical Pilates environment is an ideal setting for achieving your health goals at this early stage when you need to regain deep abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help support your lower back, and to improve your core and upper body strength to facilitate the demands of caring for your new baby (feeding, lifting, bending). Our Exercise Physiologists will specifically tailor your program to your body needs to help you build strength, flexibility and posture and also improve your general fitness and body toning.


Important: You can join Clinical Pilates classes only once you have obtained medical clearance from your doctor at six-week check-up (both natural birth & caesarean).


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