How Exercise can help before and after Bariatric Surgery
Written by: Liz
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Published on: January 31, 2022

Bariatric surgery includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. The surgery works by changing the anatomy or position of the stomach and small intestines.

After a Biaratric surgery it is recommended to commit to a healthy exercise regime and incorporate a balanced diet. 

Pre Surgery

Research shows that changing lifestyle habits pre surgery has huge benefits. Starting a workout program prior to your bariatric procedure actually prepares your body for a faster recovery and an easier transition into an increased active lifestyle post surgery.

Most recommended exercises include Low-impact cardio exercise, water aerobics, weight resistance, Yoga and Pilates.

Committing to a weight loss program that includes exercise before your procedure enables you to adapt to new challenges and changes you face. Your ultimate weight loss goals may also be reached prior to the procedure. Doctors have also commented on exercise decreasing risk of surgical complications.

Post surgery

In order to keep the weight off after surgery and increase your  fitness and wellbeing, exercise is crucial. An attainable and suitable program can help you lose further weight and improve health. When you lose weight, you eliminate fat and muscle. Exercise after bariatric surgery is so important to preserve lean muscle, in order to keep healthy.

Exercise releases endorphins that help you decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Being obese can have an indivdal feeling less than and unmotivated. However, daily activity promotes mindfulness and positive thinking. Having mental stability is important during your fitness journey. Exercise also enhances your brain’s function, your IQ, and prevents age related decline.

Right after surgery, take it slow and listen to your body. Short 10 minute walks recommended.

2-4 Weeks After Weight Loss Surgery  means light Exercise. Begin low-impact bariatric exercises. Leg lifts, hamstring stretches, shoulder rolls, and arm rotations can build strength and flexibility. Allow longer walking times and at faster pace if desired. 

Stay committed and determined on your achievable goals after your bariatric procedure.


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