Fact Or Fiction – Busting Myths Around Strength Training For Women.
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Published on: April 19, 2022

Women often overlook strength training due to long standing myths and misconceptions surrounding the exercise regime. Some myths include avoiding weights in fear of becoming bulky and bigger therefore resorting to only cardio to lose weight. Here are some myths busted and facts regarding the many health benefits for women participating in strength training.

Visual Body Results and Goals :

Body image can play a big or small role in your fitness journey. Personal goals are to be strived for, however success depends on whether you are completing the right or wrong exercises that align with your fitness goals. “Lifting weights will make me look bulky,” is a misconception by some women along with “I only need to do cardio to lose weight”. 

Testosterone is the main hormone that helps muscles to grow. Women have 10 times less testosterone than men, this does not mean that women can’t be as strong, it means they can gain the same amount of strength as men with less muscle size. 

Cardio burns more calories during your workout and burns fat faster, However Strength training helps you build muscle and burn more calories all day (even while on the couch). Running, cycling, or another form of cardio is also great to incorporate in your workout routine.

Light weight is all you need: Another myth is that lifting heavy weights will make you bulky compared to lifting light weights. Infact lifting heavy weights will increase endurance, build and maintain muscle strength and help you become lean to reach your goals.

No time for strength training: Substitute your 30-45 minute cardio session for 10 minutes of high intensity, then 20 minutes of full body strength training. Strength training twice a week has been proven as effective as cardio three times a week.

Too old to weight train: Resistance training is one of the best ways to prevent and reverse the loss of muscle in older women. Muscle-strengthening exercises can help women deal with the effects of osteoporosis. Other benefits include better sleep to improved flexibility and balance.

Top 5 reasons why you can’t ignore strength training. 

  • An increase in body confidence, mental health and self worth
  • Increases joint stability and helps prevent injury in future due to stronger connective tissue.
  • Increases lean tissue mass and decreases body fat.
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis 
  • Increased metabolic rate from stronger muscles and decreased fat.

Learn more about strength training for women and its benefits so you can reap the results.




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